Winter’s Oasis is a new roleplay-centric online text experience. If you’re looking to play a character in an immersive story, come join us by selecting the ‘Play now’ option to the right.

To learn more about the game and story, select ‘About the Game‘ and take a look at the wiki!

Not sure what sort of character to make? Check out the New Character Guide.

Be sure also to read over the ‘Rules and Policies’, and if you’re curious, check out the ‘Staff’ page to learn more about those responsible for the project.

Players who already have some MU* experience, please click here for server info.

For those who are interested in the technical details, we also have a development blog.


Helio Telegraph

Looking for what’s happening on Winter’s Oasis? You can see recent news headlines from the IC world by going to The Helio Telegraph!