Character Removal

In cases in which a person feels a need to leave Winter’s Oasis, or you have an alternate character that needs disposal for a reason, it is asked that you give us a notice in order to remove your character in a timely and non-disruptive manner. So for character removal, we request you follow the following two steps to insure the removal of your character:

  • The first step is to log into the character you wish to remove, and write a p #mail to a wizard. We will not erase a character from another character’s request, or via e-mail. To receive a list of current wizards, type ‘wizlist’
  • 24 hours later, but no later than 48 hours, send another request to the same wizard.

That’s all there is to it! Note: after 24 hours, and the 2nd request, that is the last stage. Even if you come on a day later, and your character is still there, it will ultimately be removed. You will lose anything created from here on.

Why 24 hour grace period? Some people may request an character removal from an emotionally distressed moment. 24 hours gives you time to cool down, or compose yourself. If you are experiencing a problem with another player, and feel character removal is the only way around the problem, please come to a wizard and allow us to alleviate the problem.