Staff / Wizard Conduct

Wizards by their position, have a unique power that may intimidate newbies, or maybe abused. Hence to become a wizard, you must agree, and abide by this document of conduct. This documentation is included here to demonstrate to players the level of professionalism required of our staff.

1) TS (TinySex); the use of sexual favors, or sexual intimidation in any form is strictly forbidden.

2) A wizard can @toad, in protection of the MUCK, in enforcement of the AUP or in the protection a user of the muck. Please note the while @toading is reversible, it is difficult and time-consuming to reverse.

3) A wizard is a representative of this MUCK, and the owner of the server, and God wizard (Currently; Raziel) As such they are held to a standard of professionalism, and courtesy to the users.

4) Wizards are here to serve the playerbase, not the other way around. The use of @toading, banning, or password change is used in a policing/judicial format. You will be held accountable for your actions, and are expected to report any incidents in a format that will be provided to you.

5) A wizard must have integrity, and practice self-control. They must uphold justice, benevolence, love, sincerity, and honesty.

6) Public men are disciplined publicly. If you have made a great abuse in power, your wizard powers will be suspended, and you will have the opportunity to write a letter of apology to the playerbase to be submitted to the God wizard. If you do not, a statement will be made for you. A review of your actions will be made by the wizcore and the God wizard will determine if you will be able to resume your duties or not.