Species Guide

Species Guide

This FAQ is about species and archetypes that people have asked about. Some are allowed, some are restricted and some are allowed with restrictions. Please note that we are not trying to keep people from having fun; we are merely trying to restrict some of the more unrealistic aspects of people’s characters, in order to keep a more realistic and level playing field of role-play. (For instance, a cougar the size of a building would have very few enemies, and would make it nigh impossible to beat.)


Natural Counterparts: Your character should have a natural counterpart. For example, the equine Pasus (horses) are based upon real horses. However, Pegasi are not, and neither are gryphons, unicorns, or dragons (though some lizard Pasu may be called dragons for cultural reasons).
Hybrids: A hybrid is classified as the offspring (children) of two close species, that also occurs naturally. For example, a male donkey, and a female horse would make a mule, while a male horse, and a female donkey would generate a hennie.
Transparent Inter-fertility: Inter-fertility between dissimilar pasu, or between pasu and humans is weak at best, and tends to look almost exclusively like the race of the
mother. Such persons have a lower likelihood of being fertile themselves, as well, though some can reproduce. However, they are permitted.


Cross Breeds: A cross-breed is classified as the offspring (children) of two completely different and divergent species of Pasu that have the distinct features of both.
Genetic engineering bringing about conception: The technology for this is not available in game.
Magic bringing about conception: Magic doesn’t work like that here.
Magic being used to make a composite being (such as a merged fox/horse): Magic doesn’t work like that here.
Macros, and Micros: This is classified as an anthropomorph that is over-sized or undersized; usually to very unrealistic, or impossible sizes. We ask that sizes be kept realistic.
Mythological: These are usually found in myths, and fantasies. But do not have a real counterpart. For example, the pegasus does not have a real counterpart.

Allowed With Restrictions

Robots, Androids, and Other Humanoid Automatons:
Such characters are allowed here. The ones allowed so far, are ones created in the past, and ‘re-animated’. Examples of this are:

  • Automaton: A mechanical being, that is a humanoid made out of metal, plastics, glass and other non-natural materials. These are usually clockwork or steam powered– as they may be ‘restored’ in one way or another by engineers from Naraka or the Academy of Knowledge and Advancement.
    Flying Anthropomorphic: There are no restrictions upon flight in general. However, please note: the character’s size and bone density will affect flight, and aerodynamics. So you may consider taking your size and species into consideration. Creatures that are too large for natural flight will need to make magical preparations.